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"Go Beyond Passion" Book

Wouldn't it be nice if you could discover the job you were born to do without feeling like you were selling your soul just to earn a decent salary? Choosing a career in today's world is more difficult than it has ever been.

Cover of the book, Go Beyond Passion by Christopher Lawrence | Change My Life Coaching
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Life & Leadership Coaching

Find Clarity in Your Career

Life is too short to be underutilized, frustrated, and stuck in an unfulfilling job. You have options! Improve your situation at your current job or find another one that’s better suited to your skills and interests. We’ll help you unlock your potential with an actionable and achievable Get It Clear Career Plan.
Find Clarity | Change My Life Coaching
Get Motivated, Get Focused | Change My Life Coaching

Get Motivated & Get Focused

Lack of motivation and unrealized potential can be frustrating and steal joy from your life. Increased motivation and focus can help you realize your true potential. Our customized program uncovers the unique factors that motivate you and provides you with the skills you need to live your best life.

Take Leadership of Your Whole Life

Failure to focus on personal development can prevent you from being in the drivers seat of your own life. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start and it seems like we need to work on everything all at once. This can be overwhelming or keep us stuck. We help you narrow your focus into the most important aspects of your life with the greatest possible impact without giving up the things that are most important to you!

Get Control of Your Life | Change My Life Coaching

What Our Clients Have To Say

I have worked with Christopher twice now in my life. Both times it was at a time that I felt I needed more clarity, a reminder of who I am as a person and to hear my own voice. With our work together I have gotten back on track (the second time much faster than the first time), felt inspired, and ready to take action. Christopher is not only my coach but has become an integral part of my support team. He is kind and accommodating and I’m confident with referring my friends to him.

~ Courtney McCallum

Kyle and Christopher... Catherine and Karmel!!?? ALL give you that warm genuine experience from the moment you walk in the door! Yet it doesn’t overshadow their experience and expertise in what they do to Truly Change your Business and your life! Go for a visit... or just give them a call... you’ll feel them and the synergistic energy that will spin off onto you❤️

~ Karen Pezderic

I had a meeting with Kyle and he gave some pretty powerful insights. He was very keen on making certain I got the most out of the 60 minute meeting; versus what some other coach's do to string you along and sell you stuff you don't REALLY need. Will return! Thanks Kyle!

~ Philippe St-Jules

I saw Christofer's video presentation on LinkedIn and decided to contact him when I was desperately looking for a change in my career. He uplifted my confidence and gave me valuable tips on interviewing skills and my resume. His guidance helped me ended up with three offers and I chose the one I loved the most. Thank you Christopher you are awesome!

~ Maryam Fatima

When I first started working with Christopher I was looking to be challenged and to gain a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. In my time working with Christopher I have developed a much better understanding of myself. I am now working with Christopher to transfer this knowledge into improving myself and those around me. In this regard, coaching has been invaluable to me and instrumental in me gaining clarity and holding myself accountable, particularly in relation to addressing those questions that nobody asks of you. I look forward to continuing my work with Christopher as I move into the next phase of my my life. Thank you!!!

~ Scott Whitby

Consumer Choice Award Southern ALBERTA 2021 - 2 years | Change My Life Coaching

The Results Are In...

We are the FIRST and ONLY Consumer Choice Award Winner in Canada for Coaching!

Consumer Choice Award Winner video cover | Change My Life Coaching

Meet Our Team

Meet the trusted leadership and life coaches at Change My Life Coaching.

Christopher Lawrence

Change My Life Coach - Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence is the Founder of Change My Life Coaching and a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP). He places a strong focus on Career Clarity, Motivational Mapping, and Life Leadership. His non-traditional approach to career clarity ensures that his clients lead a fulfilling life.

Christopher says, “We spend the best part of our day at work, often the best part of our lives – the time of our life when we have the most ability to make decisions – so you better experience fulfillment in what you do!”

Kyle Kalloo

Change My Life Coach - Kyle Kalloo

Kyle Kalloo is the Chief Executive Officer of Change My Life Coaching, and Leadership and Budding Entrepreneur Coach. He helps to develop your ability to persuade, leverage, and connect by understanding your own and others working styles. Not only will Kyle help you, the leaders and entrepreneurs, discover what motivates you and your teams, he also helps you gain clarity on your first of many steps to become powerful at removing the roadblocks to lasting change and ultimate success

Kyle says, “Being a leader or entrepreneur is neither hard nor easy, it’s just a series of steps. It’s only your mindset that makes it hard or easy.”

Resources To Move You Forward

To access all the resources, visit Our Coaching Resource Blog.

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How to Build a Positive Work Environment

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How to stand out in a big organization

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How to lead in a big organization

How to Lead in a Big Organization

Leading a large organization presents unique challenges. It necessitates different management style and priorities than leading small teams. To succeed as a leader, you must first get to know your team and build trust. After that, you can create an effective leadership approach. Build relationships within the team Establishing and nurturing strong connections within your ... Read more
How to get Team Buy-in

How to Get Team Buy-In

Getting team buy-in is one of the most important skills for a leader to have. Whether you're new to leadership or looking to grow your confidence, you will need to craft and get buy-in for your vision.
How to be proactive and reduce future workloads

How to Be Proactive and Reduce Future Workloads

Employees who are proactive think about the future, plan ahead and act before problems arise. They have higher levels of self-confidence and are more satisfied with their jobs. Proactive behavior is related to lower levels of burnout. However, it is not clear what actions employees take to prevent burnout.