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CALGARY, August 18, 2020 – Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching are excited to announce that we now have Podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and many other popular Podcast apps for Android! 

The theme for our Podcasts is Inspired Action for Imperfect Humans”, and we’d love for you join us as we discuss topics such as “Maintaining a Positive Mindset”, “Increasing Motivation”, “The Value of Failing”, and “Exploring What It Means to Take inspired Action as an Imperfect Messy Human Being”! We will be sharing inspiration and information to ignite and elevate your personal growth! 

CVO and Founder, Christopher Lawrence says “We have a very intentional environment here at Change my Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching to assist our listeners and clients with issues ranging from career choices, relationships, personal missions, business leadership and weight loss”. 

You can also tune in to listen to recordings of our previous Monday Mindset Meeting webinars. Each week we invite a new guest Co-host to share their expertise to enlighten, educate and inspire us in the areas of Life, Leadership and Business. 

“In times of uncertainty people look to coaches for guidance. We have developed exciting new online content and offer Weekly Webinars. This is a testament to our commitment to continued innovation and to the future of the company.” says Kyle Kalloo, CEO and Leadership & Business Coach.

Join Koach Kalloo, CEO, Leadership & Business Coach and Coach Christopher, CVO, Professional and Personal Change Coach to explore the possibilities on how you can take your next Imperfect Inspired Action, and fashion the world you imagine! 

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