Career Clarity Coaching

Let’s unlock the strategies that will allow you to achieve the career you truly want and deserve!

For many of us, no aspect of life occupies more of our time, or contributes more to our sense of self, than our careers. Sadly, many of us feel unfulfilled, stagnant, underutilized, unmotivated, and worst of all, stuck!

There’s good news - you’re not stuck!

Together, we’ll filter through the noise and create actionable strategies that will allow you to realize satisfaction and accomplishment in your career. The tools necessary to execute that strategy already belong to you. Once we’ve unlocked them, you’ll realize that your opportunities are far broader than you’ve imagined. 

Find Clarity | Change My Life Coaching

We’ll help you discover if a new approach to your current career could provide success, accomplishment, and satisfaction. In many cases, a new mindset can dramatically improve motivation and results. 

I have worked with Christopher twice now in my life. Both times it was at a time that I felt I needed more clarity, a reminder of who I am as a person and to hear my own voice. With our work together I have gotten back on track (the second time much faster than the first time), felt inspired, and ready to take action. Christopher is not only my coach but has become an integral part of my support team. He is kind and accommodating and I’m confident with referring my friends to him.

~ Courtney McCallum

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I saw Christopher’s video presentation on linkedin and decided to contact him when I was desperately looking for a change in my career. He uplifted my confidence and gave me valuable tips on interviewing skills and my resume. His guidance helped me ended up with three offers and I chose the one I loved the most. Thank you Christopher you are awesome!

~ Maryam Fatima

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Christopher is an amazing life coach. He is very empathic and professional. My sessions with him helped me truly move forward with life. He has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. I have hired numerous consultants and therapists over the last 30 years and none of them hold a candle to Christopher.

~ Linda Wallace

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If a career change is preferable, we’ll create actionable strategies for defining and obtaining your dream job. There’s a career out there that aligns with your unique set of skills, aptitudes, and desires. We’ll identify it, then lock in place the focus, motivation, and confidence necessary to obtain it. 

If your career is defined by dread, disappointment, confusion, toxic energy, bad relationships, financial uncertainty, or unrealized potential, let’s replace these with passion, excitement, respect, progress, and fulfillment.

I’m ready to improve my career and unlock a happier future.