Life Leadership Coaching

All aspects of well being can be improved through focus, clarity, and dedication. Our life leadership coaching is customized to help you utilize your personal strengths to overcome your unique challenges. A well rounded and successful life can be yours!

In this form of coaching we can focus on any or all of the Seven Core Areas of Life:

Get Control of Your Life | Change My Life Coaching

If you want to unlock your potential in any or all of these areas, the time is now to attain the life you deserve. Let’s create a plan to get control of your life that will move you closer to actualizing your goals. Through confidence in clarity, obstacle identification and removal, and imperfect-inspired action you will get unstuck.

Change My Life Coaching truly changed my life. First, I would like to start off by saying that everyone at this office is absolutely lovely! I always felt welcomed whenever I came in for an appointment. Catherine is so sweet and I always enjoyed chatting with her before each session. I chose Change My Life Coaching because I was in a time of my life where I felt I didn’t really know myself or understand why I approached situations the way that I did. And to top it off, I felt very lost and confused with what path I wanted to take in life. Over a year of coaching, Chris helped me see the bigger picture and gave me tools to use in order to assure me that I was on the right path. He helped me identify my core values that I am confident will guide me to reach my life goals and career path. Chris, thank you for being you, and thank you for everything you have taught me over the year. I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today, or be where I am mentally to take on the next chapter in my life.

~ Lesley Nemeth

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Christopher is one of the most sweetest and empathetic people I know. I love his approach and how he relates to people as real people and not ‘clients.’ He is extremely professional but is so much fun to work with. He has provided me with tools and strategies that I still use, years after we have worked together. He understands that life is not JUST your career, relationships, or personal endeavours. Rather, it is an integration of all of these things and more that people need to understand and manage to be successful in life. I truly appreciate his support and I highly recommend seeing him if you ever need help dealing with your struggles.

~ Jenai Lieu

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I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with both Christopher and Kyle. There is no question that the professionalism and wisdom they exhibit are unparalleled. Christopher has been able to see things from a perspective that was extremely beneficial in my endeavours. I cannot recommend them enough.

~ Dr. Ty Wilson

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Opportunities open up when we invest in actionable plans. Our Life Leadership coaching programs will help you conquer challenges, stress, and worry, allowing you to rediscover your passion and purpose for life, achieve your goals, and find fulfillment.

Relationships improve when we communicate confidently, clearly, and respectfully with those in our personal and professional circles. Communication is a major component of success. Do difficult conversations leave you feeling angry, frustrated, remorseful, unheard or hurt? Even those who truly understand what they want will have trouble obtaining it if they cannot convey that information with clarity and confidence. Our communications strategies will allow you to enter conversations with ease, confident in your ability to ask and receive.

Health and fitness goals become possible when realistic plans are created, negativity is eliminated, and habits are not only understood but sustainably changed. You may wish to check out our Healthy Transformations program if you are looking to sustainably lose weight, reduce inflammation, and combat chronic illness. Our approach is both physiologically and  behaviourally scientific. It’s not just about losing weight and reducing inflammation to get everything working together, it’s also about creating life-changing sustainable behaviours and keeping the weight and inflammation off for life.

While some Spiritual Experiences are dogmatic or religious in nature, they do not have to be. Everyone can and does experience them through moments of awareness, mindfulness, and extreme focus. Our goal is to help you create moments of Personal Power How? Think on moments of mindfulness where you were completely in tune and tapped into your physical and mental state, think on moments when you were in the zone and felt extremely confident or powerful, think on moments when you saw a beautiful landscape in nature — all of these can be considered spiritual or moments of personal power and we want to tap into those and leverage them for your personal success! If you experience self-doubt in your life or everything seems a little gray, trust us when we say that our approach to this will leave you feeling confident, powerful, inspired, and motivated to take action

I’m ready to develop skills, progress personally, and lead my own life.