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Let’s awaken your motivation and focus and allow you to live your best life!

Do you know anybody that always seems to realize their goals and obtain the things they wish for, seemingly with ease? The key to prioritizing and accomplishing your goals lies in first understanding their motivation, then leveraging it to increase their focus.

Our customized Motivational Mapping program will allow us to discover the Top 3 Motivators that drive you. Only understanding your individual motivators are you then able craft a plan to succeed in goal achievement. By discovering how you are uniquely driven you will achieve the focus that will allow you to unlock your true potential.

Get Motivated, Get Focused | Change My Life Coaching

After a few sessions with Christopher I was able to rediscover what really motivates me. As a result both my career and relationship changed. I made the decisions for myself but working with Christopher is what gave me the courage to make these changes.

~ Dora


Christopher gave us an absolutely wonderful presentation about motivation, focus, and entrepreneurship. Our group of Professional Organizers had asked him to speak to us about staying positive in the face of challenges and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much Christopher! I highly recommend!

~ Heather Schmidt

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I’d like to share with you what life looks like after a year of coaching with Christopher. My mindset is very different now. I feel that the negative thinking has decreased significantly- when it does arise, I know how to handle it. The practice continues to pay off, and it’s becoming very natural now. I’m learning that while planning for the future is wise, I need to live in the present (be healthy NOW, have fun NOW, be the best version of me NOW). Creatively, I am feeling very fulfilled. I act on the creative urges that I get and I always feel good afterward. I am trusting myself and looking inward for advice. I am becoming my own role model and impressing myself more often. I’m so excited for the future. During my coaching journey with Christopher, he was kind, professional, available, supportive, insightful, compassionate… but best of all, he gave me the tools I needed to stand on my own two feet. I would highly recommend Change My Life Coaching services. The entire team is the best at what they do.

~ Jane Cummins

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Harness your motivation using Motivational Mapping. Not only do we consider ourselves experts in this area, we have helped hundreds of clients understand and leverage their own motivational style using Motivational Maps. In fact, we used Motivational Maps in one-on-one settings more than any other practitioner in North America!

Would you like to:

  • Understand how you are uniquely motivated by understanding your Top 3 Motivators
  • Unlock the key to your motivation by leveraging YOUR unique motivational style
  • Increase your motivation and focus so that you can become not only a self-starter but also a self-finisher
  • Strategize what to do when your motivation tanks and you can't seem to get it back

I’m ready to utilize my potential, achieve my goals and live a happier, more confident life.