Inspired Actions for Imperfect Humans Podcast

Inspired Actions for Imperfect Humans

Is the thought of being imperfect keeping you from taking inspired action?

Each week, award winning Canadian coaches Christopher and Kyle provide you with golden nuggets that inspire your soul into taking action every day!

Through stories, facts, and practical hands-on tools you will receive the guidance you need to give your life the booster shot it’s been looking for.

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The Aggravation of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Inspired Action For Imperfect Humans – S4 E16: “The Aggravation of Psychological Safety in the Workplace” – Part 1

Post-pandemic, when in the workplace do you feel there is psychological safety, or do you feel like your leaders have abandoned you and they are only concerned with the bottom line.
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Being A Bold Risk Taker or Playing Small Pt2

Inspired Action for Imperfect Humans – S4 E15: “Being a Bold Risk Taker Or Playing Small” – Part 2

In this episode, Christopher & Kyle tell stories of being a risk taker and asking for what they want, sometimes succeeding, and sometimes failing.
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"Well, I'm taking a HUGE leap here but you taught me how to do that as my coach and through your actions in life. I've been working on a project that has hit a bit of a wall. your podcast breathed life into it."



"I am listening to the podcasts and is very much enjoying them.....specifically she spoke of the panic attack 1 and that it had some very good advise as I have a child that has them."

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