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How to Leverage Your Network For Success

How to Leverage Your Network For Success

Getting the most out of your network is important if you want to become successful. There are a number of ways to do this. Leverage your personal connections, develop lateral and vertical relationships and actively seek out ways to diversify your network. If you follow these tips, you'll be on your way to building a powerful, lucrative network.
3 Crazy Gentle Things If You're Laid Off

3 Crazy Gentle Things if You’re Laid Off

How do I help someone who gets laid off or hates their line of work? I’m going to give you one example of a client who actually meets both of these criteria.
Opening Up to Life's Little Treasures

Opening Up to Life’s Little Treasures

“Opening Up” is a guest blog that was written by Jenai Lieu, for Change My Life Coaching. We are reposting because it’s relevant today. Taking the Risk When we take the risk to try something new we hope for certain outcomes to happen. No one hopes to end up a failure, embarrass themselves or just ... Read more
3 Reasons You Never Feel Career Fulfillment

3 Reasons You Never Experience Career Fulfillment

Career fulfillment can seem elusive. It’s like water, every time you try to catch it, it runs out of your hands. Let’s make it easier!! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure your career out with more ease? I intend on sharing with you three reasons you never experience career fulfillment and 3 super ... Read more
Perception is Not Reality

Perception Is Not Reality

Folks, Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. Your perception is not necessarily your reality. What does this have to do with career coaching? Well, I want you to think about your job search. In our job search, especially these days, you might send out 10, 20, 50, or even 100 resumes and you ... Read more
Are You Rejecting Yourself?

Are You Rejecting Yourself?

The funny thing about this concept of rejection is that if you don't make your ask, it's already a no, you're already rejected. And in that case, you're rejecting yourself.
New Years Resolutions & Follow-Through

New Years Resolutions & Follow-Through

So most of you by now, there's a great percentage of you that have not followed through on your new year's resolutions. So whether this is about your career or your life and lifestyle, some goal that you want to achieve, whatever it is. I want you to remember that there's three types of goals.
I'm Not Good Enough - Stepping Stones To My Coaching Journey

“I’m Not Good Enough” – Stepping Stones to My Coaching Journey

"I'm Not Good Enough" is a guest blog that was written by Jenai Lieu, for Change My Life Coaching. We are reposting because it's relevant today.
Go Beyond Passion

Awesome Book: Go Beyond Passion

I love passion. I'm really passionate about what I do, too, but I also wanted to introduce to you, this is my book, "Go Beyond Passion." So it's all about...
4 Terrible Ways Your Career Fit Is A Mismatch

4 Terrible Ways Your Career Fit is a Mismatch

Need a better career fit? If you are looking at testing to find out your next job, it may not work. Look at these 4 criteria to ensure you have a good career.