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How to Leverage Your Network For Success

How to Leverage Your Network For Success

Getting the most out of your network is important if you want to become successful. There are a number of ways to do this. Leverage your personal connections, develop lateral and vertical relationships and actively seek out ways to diversify your network. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to building a powerful, lucrative network.

Rejection – Are You Asking?

Image of Rejection - Are You Asking?

We’re so afraid of rejection and I get it. Hearing no sucks but here’s the thing. If you don’t ask, it’s already a no. It’s Time For A Raise It’s time for a raise. Don’t you think? Wouldn’t you like to make more money? Hi, my name is Christopher Lawrence. I am with and … Read more

What Is Often Overlooked In Our Office

As the New Year gets underway, most of us plan and make lists of all of the things we’d like to achieve, accomplish or change. But what we don’t often think about is pausing to celebrate when these things have occurred.  It’s so easy to move along quickly to the next thing – the next … Read more